Why I Started This Blog


In my introduction I mentioned that my life is about to change completely. This is true and I’m about to tell this story to you guys. In August I’m going to move to Los Angeles, California on my own. The reason for this is because I would like to finish high school there so I can continue my studies in the USA.

My life is completely going to change, not only because of the environment but I’ve always lived with my family and Ive never experienced living without them. I’m only 16 so i’m not aloud to live on my own, therefore i’m going to with a host family which i’m really excited about.

I’m going to share my experience on this blog, so if you’re interested then follow me 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Why I Started This Blog

  1. How exciting! I lived in California for almost 20 years and raised my three kids there before we returned to the UK in 2003. Their grandparents lived in LA (we lived on the Central Coast) and their father was born and bred in LA so I know it very well! The first time I went there I was 19 but that was a while ago! You will have the time of your life, although I know you are nervous, but sure your host family will look after you very well and give you a great time. I look forward to reading about your adventures 🙂 Sherri

      1. Oliverarany, thank you for your like. Talking about being nervous. We’ll always be whenever we step out of our comfort zone. It’s nice to know to know you.

  2. Good luck! I’m also a student in California, and so far it’s been great! People here are very nice, so don’t worry about it! You’ll soon feel at home 🙂

      1. Yes I’m with a host family. I miss my own family a lot of times, but there’s Skype and stuff, so you’ll get sued to it!

        Where are you originally from?

  3. Gosh you’re brave, are you from England then? My friend wants me to move out there with her for uni in 2 years but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do it! Hope everything turns out okay for you! 🙂

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