My family said I don’t take this whole moving to america serious. I kept saying I’m going to go surfing on Venice Beach, I’m going to hang out with my friends in Malibu. But there was one thing I’ve not taken in consideration. My life.

It’s not going to be easy to give up almost everything I have and achieved and just start a new life. Here is my family and I’m going to miss them. My Dad left the country for 4 days and I already missed him. That was the point when I realized it’s going to be hard without my parents. I’m not going to see them for 4 months until I come back for the holidays.

Also there are my friends. Days are passing really really quickly and to be honest i’m having a great summer vacation. I hang out with my friends almost every day and the fact that from the middle of August I’m not going to see them anymore is scary. But true friends always stay friends so i’m not worried about losing them. Also there is Facebook, Viber and Skype so i’m sure I can keep up with them.

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13 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Hey you. I know moving and starting a new life somewhere is hard. I have experienced it my self. Just try and concentrate on the positives and keep yourself busy. It’s okay to miss home but you’ll get used to it. I hope. Where did you live before moving here?

  2. I also know how it feels to leave family and friends to live abroad. I left Jamaica for London, England when I was younger. It took a little while to get adjusted but I did. Several years later I relocated to Florida, it also took some getting used to but it was easier. It will take a little time for you to find your feet but you will make friends and find new interests. Good luck.

  3. You know, you won’t be so alone as you think. You’re already finding a supportive community with your blog. You’ll be embraced for your courage when you get here, and lots of us will be fascinated to see stories and photos from your home in Budapest. Best to you 😊

  4. Hi Oliver! Annie here. I didn’t think anyone would like my post in Writing 201 by Krista but a sincere Thank You goes to you. My family lives in Ventura, California but I’m now living in Asia forever and ever and I miss them. So I understand how you feel. My opinion is you’ll fit in nicely in California, don’t worry. Knowing the place well, I’d say lots of Californians are warm and friendly -it’s true! Study well!

  5. Hey, I feel you. I will see my family again after 4 months- during holidays and vacations. I got 4 months vacation since we ended our class last March and started it now, August. I missed my family already

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