The Start is Almost Here

The start of my big journey is coming closer and closer. The school will start on the 11th of August in LA for me. When I heard this I was a little disappointed, since here in Hungary every school starts in September. But the school will end on the 29th of May and in Hungary it usually ends around the 18th of July. Another interesting information I received is I have to arrive to the host family between 5-7 August. Honestly I’m a little nervous about meeting the family.

My parents and I planned a family vacation. Our plan is to go to LA at the end of July and be together there for a week before the program starts. I think it’s a really great idea and I hope it will happen. But the only problem is that I still don’t have my visa and until I don’t have the visa we can’t buy the airplane tickets. I’ve been waiting for the visa papers for over 2 weeks now. If I had to describe this program so far I would say, it’s slow. But hopefully I can get the visa and get all the papers done this week.

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5 thoughts on “The Start is Almost Here

  1. I remember how annoying and slow everything was before I went abroad for college.
    But, before you know it, you’re visa will come, and you’ll buy the plane tickets, say your goodbyes to your hometown, finally say goodbye to your parents and a brand new life will launch itself.

    Homesickness is inevitable, but once you let yourself go with the flow, you won’t even realize the semester is over 🙂

  2. You are going to have such a great time. Everything is new. The people, the scenery. Everything, but most of all, the experiences will be new and that is the best part. Take a look at a couple of my posts, ‘My advice for scared freshman’ and my most recent post about where you would go to college if you had the choice of anywhere! Awesome post though and good luck!

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