I’m Going to Have a Roommate

I wrote and email to the family like 4 days ago and they still haven’t replied. I hope they have internet connection in their home otherwise I can’t talk to my family and friends and that would be really sad.

Anyways, I got some great news and I am really cheerful. It turned out I’m not going to be the only exchange student in the house, because there will be another kid and he will be my roommate. At first I was very nervous about this since they said I’m going to have a separate room. It’s definitely going to be a new experience for me since I’ve never had a roommate and I’m a only child. But now  I realised everything will be so much easier because we are going to be going through the same things.

Having a roommate could be the worst thing, but also it could be the best thing ever. If we share similar interests then it will probably be the best. I contacted him and he is from Finland. He looks like a cool, easy going guy to me and I hope we will be great friends. Also he will be attending the same school as me (Birmingham Community Charter HS) and if he would be my classmate it would be unbelievable, but of course there is a little chance because the school is huge.

I don’t have my visa yet but on Friday my family and I are going in the american embassy. Hopefully I will get my visa early next week. Honestly I can’t wait for this program to start, I’m so excited.

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8 thoughts on “I’m Going to Have a Roommate

  1. Having a roommate can be fun! You just have to balance between doing your own thing and hanging out with that other person. Also, communicating with each other about pet peeves is really important.

  2. Strange that the family has not responded yet. Everyone seems to have internet so there must be some other reason? I think it will really be a good thing that there is this other exchange student – – you will definitely be able to relate to each other, simply thru the newness of everything you’re doing. Perfect!

  3. If they are hosting an exchange student I am sure they have Internet…relatively anyway. I am excited for you and hope it’s looks of good experiences and memories that will last a lifetime…I also desperately hope that you are fortunate enough to see the diversity of America, and that many many of those experiences are positive and uplifting!

  4. I think you’ll love having a roommate. The world can be a scary place, especially when you are going to a new school. I went to a high school where the graduating class was 700 kids. With so many kids at our school, it was hard to notice the new kids, and often times it would be inconvenient to reach out to them. So having someone that you know in that same school will be nice to fall back on.

  5. You are an amazing person! I love that you have a goal and a dream, and that you are willing to leave what is familiar, to walk into the unknown in search of something good.(You would make a great firefighter!) Keep your eyes fixed on your goal, and I wish you every success. When you go to a University in the future, what will be your Major? Enjoy the journey, and hope you will find good friends who will encourage you to keep on the right path. I look forward to your posts.

  6. So you’re going to a charter school, eh? Well that explains some of the stuff I read in your later posts, like how your school has a lacrosse team and competitive golf. I’m very happy that you have such wonderful opportunities spread out before you. The best buffet of all time!

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