First Day!

The adventure finally begins. Today, August 10th I met my host family and my roommate. I moved in and everything is great. The family is really cool, they are chill and really helpful. The house is in a pretty good location in my opinion, it’s in Northridge.  I met my roommate “Elmer” and he’s a really cool guy, he’s from Finland.

When I arrived a few minutes later Elmer and I headed to the mall. We looked around and ate lunch at “Tommy’s”. After the mall we went back to the house and stayed there for couple minutes. We decided to go somewhere else because it was only 12 pm. So we actually went to Hollywood. Me and my roommate, Elmer. I know it’s crazy and honestly I did not expect this but it was like something I thought would be great.

So we took the bus and headed Hollywood. We went until the bus station and we changed to the metro and here comes the funny part. So we thought North Hollywood is above Hollywood and we went the wrong way with the metro. Actually North Hollywood is really far from Hollywood so it’s not what we have thought.

Luckily this whole “going the wrong way” took only about 25 minutes. Then we finally got off at the right station and we ended up on the Sunset Strip. It was like a dream come true for me because I’ve always wanted to go there. We saw the stars on the ground with the famous people’s name. It was just like in the movies, there were really expensive cars, lots of people and it was amazing.


We have been there for a few hours and then we came back to our house. It was a great experience and I think we couldn’t have had a better first day then this. Tomorrow we might visit Venice Beach.

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