My First Week

So I week has passed from school and now I kinda have an idea how everything works. A lot of things are completely different than in Hungary so I still need to get to use to quite a few things.

I actually like the school a lot more than in Hungary. When I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like “oh no I need to go to school again, i’m gonna die.” I’m really excited every day about school and meeting my friends and making more friends.

I feel like here in America the teachers take a lot more care of the students and they want them to succeed and get good results. In Hungary the teachers don’t care what grades you got, they just gave a lot of tests. But here the teachers are dedicated to teach. At least this is what I’ve experienced so far I don’t know if it works the same in different schools as well.

I’m surprised how many friends I made already. I just went up to random people and introduced my self and it really works. I know all the other exchange students and most of the time I hang out with a 2 german and a south korean guy. But I know a lot of students who are from Los Angeles and I’m really happy about that because that way I can improve my english.


So far I really, really like it here and I’m having a lot of fun. The host family is absolutely great I couldn’t ask for a better one. Hopefully everything will stay as great as now and I will have an unforgettable experience.

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6 thoughts on “My First Week

  1. I’m glad you’re off to such a wonderful start and enjoying your new school. It sure would have been awful to come here and hate the school, the classes, and the family! Sounds like everything is going right for now. I hope it keeps on going like this.

  2. Hi Oliver, I would like to hear more about the difference between how teachers teach in Hungary vs. how they teach in the US (although you are right, it certainly does vary from school to school, also from region to region – I’m sure teachers in California are different from teachers in Wyoming!). Have you found there is a particular teacher that you get along with well? Maybe you could find the time between classes or after school to ask them why they teach they way they do. I’m sure they’d be flattered to know you like their style more than what you’re used to!

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