High School Sports

In Hungary there were no sports in my high school but here there are almost every sport you can imagine. I think sports are really important, not just because it makes you fit and keeps you healthy but It prepares you for life.

I actually started going on lacrosse practises and I really enjoy it so far. Today it was my first time playing lacrosse and all I have to say it’s harder than it looks like. The lacrosse team already consist of really good players and since I just started I need to learn fast and practise a lot if I want to be on the team.

As I said before there are lots of sports in the school. I would also like to try out baseball (never played it before) golf, and track as well. I can’t choose which sport to do and they are in the same season so it’s not possible to do them all. But for now I’m just going to see how I like them and then I choose 1 when the season starts. I’m here to gain experience so I think it’s a good idea to try as many things as possible.


Yesterday, I got my gym membership at 24 hour fitness. Going to gym and working out is a big part of my life. I used to go to the gym 5 times a week in Hungary so of course I need to continue here my trainings in LA. But I don’t know yet how am I going to do everything cause schools ends at 3:30 pm, I have lacrosse practise until like 5:30 or 6 pm and then I need to get home probably by bus which could take up to 1 hour. Then I would do my homework because school is number 1 priority and only then I could go to the gym. So I don’t know how am I going to do it but I hope my daily routine comes together soon.

So far I really, really like it here and I’m having a lot of fun. The host family is absolutely great I couldn’t ask for a better one. Hopefully everything will stay as great as now and I will have an unforgettable experience.

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3 thoughts on “High School Sports

  1. I am glad you’re interested I so much, but try not to overdo. As the semester goes on, there will be more work. There will be a final exam and maybe even a midterm exam. Final exams might have a big influence on your grade.
    What an exciting time for you!

  2. Keep in mind that not all schools in the US have as rich of a variety of sports available to the students as you are describing. I went to high school in Illinois in the late 1990s, at a school that was very well-off, but we didn’t have a lacrosse team or competitive golf. It sounds like the property values in the area around your school are pretty high (I guess that’s to be expected in LA). You are going to have a better high school experience than many children in the US have access to. Also, you say you’ve never played baseball. What sports do children in Hungary like to play?

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