Beach Bash

One of the academies in the school organised a party at the school yesterday to raise money. It was called the Beach Bash and the tickets were 3 dollars. When I heard that there will be this event I thought I’m not going to go because it will be boring. But a lot of my friends asked if I was going and then finally i decided to buy a ticket.

This event started at 6:30 pm at friday after school and there were really cool activities like when you have to throw a ball and someone sitting on a chair will fall into the water. I actually didn’t try that but I saw teachers falling in to the water so it was funny.

As it got darker and darker the music louder and louder… One moment I realised there was a huge crowed in the quad (centre of the school) and everyone was spilling water and whip cream. It looked really fun so of course I went in there as well. They started shouting my name and the crowd picked me up. I had never experienced anything like this before but it was very fun. I can’t put it in words how insane this was but there were around 1000 students so you can imagine.

It lasted until like 10:30 pm and and the end they turned on the watering system and it was really funny how everyone started screaming but it was fun. This was the first school event I participated in and I’ve never thought it would be this fun. It was like a huge party.

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2 thoughts on “Beach Bash

  1. The activity you are describing where someone is sitting in a chair and someone else knocks them in the water by throwing a ball at a target is usually called a dunking booth (just so you know).

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