I Can’t Graduate This Year

So as I mentioned a few times the reason I came to america is to graduate in high school here and then go to university. High schools are based on a credit system where you get credit for each class you take. You need 240 credits in total to graduate but you need to get certain amount of credits in each subject.

Now the problem is in Hungary we don’t use this system. We take every subject for 4 years and at the end we take a huge test and basically that’s it. I prefer the American way because it makes a lot more sense. So I don’t have enough credits because of the system.


This is my 3rd year in High School but i’m in 12th grade because every exchange student gets in there  because of the extra privileges and the activities that only the seniors are allowed to do. I thought I could graduate this year and that would’ve been really amazing since then I could’ve skipped a year and go to university earlier.

But what I have to do is finish this year in this school, and then next year I’ll have to transfer to a private high school because you can only stay 1 year in a public one. I’m kinda disappointed but at the same time I feel it’s not a disadvantage since i’m not losing any years i’m going to finish just like everyone else. Maybe it’s even better because I don’t know if I would be ready to go to university  at the age of 17.


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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Graduate This Year

  1. You are brave and persistent and wise to set such goals and dreams. There may be more hurdles but from what I see so far you’ve got the stuff to make it over. Keep doing your best, giving your all and bringing it!

  2. That is a very interesting rule about having only one year in the public schools. I don’t quite understand it, though. It seems as though it would be better for you to continue in the same school.
    I also didn’t know exchange students were classified as seniors to allow them privileges and activities.
    If you work hard (and I think you are) you will do well this year and be able to find a good school for next year. I know you can accomplish this.

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