First Football Game

Friday was the first football game of my school. I was really excited about it because I had never seen a football game in my life before. It was in my school’s stadium and there were thousands of people. My school was playing against the best team so unfortunately we lost. The final score was 6-65 which looks like a huge difference.

After the football game I went to Mcdonalds with my friends and this was around 10pm. We had a lot of fun but when they left, I stayed at the school because I couldn’t call my host dad because there was no balance on my phone. I was really anxious cause I had no idea how I’m getting home. I talked to my host dad that night but we didn’t come up with an exact time when he will pick me up. So I was waiting in front of the school where he usually picks me up and luckily at 11:30pm he came and picked me up. It was a pretty exciting night but I hope it will never happen again.

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