People in California vs Hungary, Europe

I’ve been here in California for around 1 month now. I kinda have an idea of how everything works and a lot of things got usual to me. Of course I’m still experiencing new things and hope it will stay like this. California is very different than Hungary and there are a few things I noticed, but in this post I would like to talk about the people here, and back in Hungary.

What I’ve experienced is that people are a lot more kind here than in Hungary. Not just in school but everywhere. Everyone is just so nice and it’s surprising I don’t have a problem with anyone at school. In Hungary there were always people who I hated because they were rude to me and or did stupid things but here I don’t experience that. Also it’s a lot easier to make friends here because in Hungary if I tried to talk to someone random they where like “what do you want?” in a rude way. Here they are just really nice and it’s just an every day thing that you meet new people.

Here are 2 photos of me and some of my friends.



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