Amazing Day

Yesterday was one of my best days here in Los Angeles so far. First of all we had a minimum day which means we finish at 1 pm and every lesson is only 45 minutes. After the the school we had a movie event where we watched mean girls in the theatre (in the school). It was really fun even though I saw that movie before. Then there was the 2nd home game of my school which was really amazing. We lost again but it was very fun being with my friends and cheering for our team.


When the game ended me and my friends played a game called “Zombie Tag” which supposed to be a popular game but I had never played it before yesterday so it was very exciting. We played the game in the school and everyone got a light stick and there was 1 person who had to catch the people and whoever is caught turns into a catcher. I had so much fun we were running around the school but soon the security came and they ended out game.


After Zombie Tag we went in front of the school where everyone was getting picked up and I experienced my first rap battle in my life. Then there was a student with a car who put loud music and we started started dancing. It was a lot of fun. Well it was pretty late like 10:30 pm but I got a ride home from my friend so I got home safe.

I really, really enjoyed this day with my friends, and I think my school is just like in the movies. This was my dream as a little kid, to go to a big american school just like in the movies and now everything came true. I’m having a lot of fun and i’m really busy with sports, studying, friends…

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