Universal Studios Horror Nights

Yesterday the Universal Studios Horror Nights finally opened. It’s not even close to halloween but my friends and I decided to go and try it out. It was not my first time in Universal Studios because I’ve been to the Orlando and to the Singapore one as well, however it was my first time at Horror Nights. I didn’t know what to expect but everyone seemed worried and they said it’s going to be scary. We were actually one of the first ones who got in so it was pretty good. When they opened the gates there was The Purge theme. It was really fun but scary at the same time because people with scary masks were running around with chainsaws, axes and knifes. We didn’t have enough time to try out all the attractions so probably I’ll go back in the future because there are more things to try out. Personally my favourite attraction was the Face Off. That was the first maze we went to and it was full with scary monsters. I courage everyone to go to Horror Nights because it’s a great experience. Also I had a great leg workout yesterday because I took the stairs since the escalators were too crowded. I recorded several footages and hopefully I can edit it into a video. It will be on youtube but I’ll inform everyone when it comes out here on my blog as well as on twitter.

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