First Grade Report

We finally got our grade reports for the first grading period. I think I am doing pretty good in school, my GPA is 4.0.

I got 98% average in 3 of my classes, and 100% in the other 3. The grading system here is very different than in Hungary but I really like it actually. I’m proud of my self and I hope i can keep up the good work in the future too. Sometimes school is easy and sometimes it gets hard.


I’m still having a great time in LA and I’m going to be try to be active with my blogging but it gets hard because sometimes I don’t really know what to write about.

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3 thoughts on “First Grade Report

  1. You are doing better than “pretty good”. 4.0 is excellent. WELL DONE. If you’re looking for more ideas about what to write about, I have consistently been fascinated by your accounts of how your life in the U.S. is different from life in Hungary. I really have no idea about what it’s like to live in Hungary (heck, I barely have an idea of what it would be like to live in California, I’ve only set foot there once for a flight stopover in Orange County) and would love to hear some more about your memories.

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