Homecoming Game

Yesterday was the homecoming game for Birmingham High School. We played against El Camino High School and it was an unforgettable experience. I had never been to anything like this before.

It was really amazing how we had floats, like in the movies at the parades. There were several floats for each slc and sport. I personally was on the Senior float. It was a huge car decorated and I was on top of it. We went a circle around the football field and it was great to see all the students cheering. Before the game started there were several shows. For example the dance team made a show, the cheerleaders and it was really amazing. Then of course the game started.

I was part of the spirit squad which is a group of people who’s job is to shout and cheer for our team. It was an amazing experience, supporting my team with all my friends. Usually I don’t really understand what’s going on, on football games since I don’t know the rules, but this time I knew what was happening. It was a close game and actually we were losing but at the end our team scored a touchdown, so we eventually won the game! After the victory the spirit squad hopped over the gate and we ran on the field. The security was not pleased, but we were so elated that we didn’t care.

Overall it was a great night and I think I’ll never forget it. Also we went to an after party after the game, but unfortunately it got shut down before we got there. Today is actually the homecoming dance, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been to anything like that before.

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