Homecoming Night

The homecoming dance was the day after the game. I really had been waiting for it and in fact it was completely different from what I’ve expected. I thought it’s going to be an elegant event with big round tables where people eat. As a matter of of fact it was nothing like what I’ve expected. It was an actual party with a dj, loud music and hundreds of students.

I had a lot of fun there and it was just like in the american movies. I was amazed because I’ve always thought those movies are just movies, but here in america schools are really similar if not exactly the same.

After the homecoming dance my friends and I went to a house party. It was my first house party in my life since in Hungary we don’t have them. I was really excited about it because of course I had seen a lot of parties in american movies. I was expecting something like that and it was really similar. It’s really amazing how things from the movies really happen here. As a little kid I always dreamed about going to a big american high school with lots of students, sports, parties… and it’s amazing how this whole dream came true.

The party finally ended because the police came and it was amazing. I was laughing because I couldn’t believe that it’s exactly like in the movies. I got home safe of course and it was a great night.

Most of the time I have a photo or two in my posts but this time I forgot my phone at home so I don’t have any pictures or videos. I’m going to work on the video of the homecoming game event and it will be on my youtube vlog channel.

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