Crazy High School Fight Story

Everyone has probably gotten into a fight at least once in their life. Apparently I realized that fights are more frequent here than I imagined. Couple weeks ago I went to a fight after school and I was shocked about what I saw.

I personally gotten into many fights throughout my elementary and middle school years but that was a long time ago. I’ve never started a fight it was always defence. But what I saw about 2 weeks ago was totally different. Now that I think back, my “fights” weren’t even real fights compared to this. I’m not against fighting by the way, I personally just don’t like to hurt people, however I will defend my self no matter what.

So while I was walking with my friends we noticed everyone was walking to the park next to our school. When I say everyone, I mean like at least 100 students. I had no idea what it was, but my friends knew it so we went to check it out.

The fight started with 2 students fighting, they actually had planned this whole thing because they really didn’t like each other.  While they were fighting things got worse and everyone was just getting in a conflict. There were several other students fighting later.

This was something new for me because I didn’t know fights like this existed. My overall opinion about his type of fighting is that it’s better to end an argument like this, than just keep going with saying things to each other. I don’t know if other people agree with me or not but what’s the point of swearing at each other? It’s just going to continue and never end.

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One thought on “Crazy High School Fight Story

  1. I don’t like fights. I think we all need to learn to resolve our differences with words. We need to learn to give and take a little and settle things, almost all that is in the news is about fighting that has escalated into wars. If we could learn to settle things early, we would have fewer fights and hopefully fewer wars.

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