Foreign vs American Student’s Work Ethic

This is my 3rd week back in Los Angeles and it’s crazy how fast time is passing. I haven’t really had a lot of time to write this blog because I joined track and my whole daily schedule changed and now I don’t really have a lot of free time.

But anyways. As I came back I see things differently and I started understanding things that I had not before. I met a lot of new people, both foreign and americans, and now I got an idea how people think here.

So I was in my Honors Algebra 2 class with my Korean friend and we were talking about schools in Europe, Korea and America. We compared them but what we also did was talk about the students. We noticed that no one is doing their work in our class except us. We were already done with all the assignments and the homework as well by the way.

So he explained how most students are in Korea and what he said is that most of them are working hard and trying to achieve good grades in school. What’s interesting is that it’s kind of similar in Hungary too. Of course there are students everywhere who don’t care about school and never do their work but here in America that number of students is way too much.

What I experienced in my classes so far is that actually a very little amount of students work and try to succeed. Most of my classmates are getting bad grades and they don’t even care. It’s really interesting how school is not even that hard here but they still don’t want to do their work.

And of course there are other students too who are doing really well in school so if you are one of those don’t think I say every American is lazy. This is just something I’ve experienced. Another thing is that I’m attending a public high school at the moment (a pretty good one by the way) and next year I will be going to a private high school and things might be different there. But as of right now this is my opinion and what I’ve experienced.

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4 thoughts on “Foreign vs American Student’s Work Ethic

  1. Unfortunately, I agree with you.
    I used to be a teacher in a small community college. Some US students were good, hard workers, but I have to say the majority were not. The didn’t do homework, weren’t prepared for tests, and missed too many classes.
    However, my students from other countries were always quite good students. They worked really hard.
    Another difference is my US students spoke only one language, or sometimes two, but they had a hard time with the second (English) language. I understand that part because I have a hard time learning Spanish! But students from Europe regulalarly spoke three or four or even five languages.
    It was very frustrating to me as a teacher to have students that wouldn’t do their work. I tried to hard to get them engaged in learning, but too much of the time I was unsuccessful.

  2. Don’t blame the kids. They are just emulating what the parents want. If the parent’s focus is education then the kids will focus on education. Homework is not optional and I tell that to my kids just like work is not optional. But I suppose the way the current school system is set up they don’t allow the kids to fail. They use euphemisms like “Continuation” school. Flunking is taboo. Why is that? I say let them flunk so they understand the repercussions and there is accountability for their actions which these kids today apparently lack. Why do you think you have these kids even adults post stupid things on youtube and facebook about beating/bullying other children? Because they think it’s funny? Wonderful reasoning if they don’t understand the full repercussions of their actions.

    1. I agree with you. Often there is little support from the parents.
      I have mixed feelings about flunking, though. Perhaps a mandatory summer catch-up session. Kids hate to give up their summers (and I don’t blame them). Then if they don’t show or do nothing, they repeat. In general, I like to keep kids with their proper age group, but not to the expense of actual learning.

      1. It is our responsibility as parents to give them the skills that they need after we are gone. Anything less is a disservice. You do no favors by coddling the child. In fact when they grow up and they realize that the world doesn’t operate the way that they think it’s like a slap in the face who does that benefit?

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