Findig a School For Next Year

It has already been 5 weeks since the second semester of school started and now it’s the time for me to look for a private high school where I can go next year to finish my high school studies.

Unfortunately things have changed and become more complicated. My parents in Hungary made research and they found out if I would like to go to an Ivy League College it doesn’t matter what private high school I go to. In order to get into one of the best universities, the high school where you graduate has to have really good connections so they can help you get in to your preferred college. Unfortunately not every high school has these connections so it doesn’t matter where you go. In Los Angeles there are about 3 private high schools where they have these type of connections. Obviously these high schools will be the most elite, hard and expensive ones.

I planned going to a normal private high school but now my parents said I can’t. There is an american private high school in Hungary where they have quite good connections with american universities and many people continue their studies in the US after graduating from there. It’s actually a really good school but in order for me to stay another year in the US we have to find a better school from that.

Finding an elite private high school is actually harder than I thought because many schools don’t accept new students in 12th grade. So now my parents and I are trying to find a school where I could graduate from and get into a good university. If there are no high schools like that in LA, I might move to a different city or even a state or I might go back to Hungary.

I honestly really hope that we will be successful finding a new school for me because I love staying in LA even though not everything is perfect and I miss my parents. So if you know any elite private high schools in LA or somewhere else, please let me know. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Findig a School For Next Year

  1. My sister has an MD PHD in bio genetics and she graduated from a little high school in the middle of nowhere…she worked hard, got good grades and did her undergrad work at a regular state school before going onto Ivy League schools…just saying, don’t blame circumstance, you’ve come this far, keep going!

  2. I am sorry it has gotten so somplicated. Do not lose hope! It is more difficult but not impossible to get into an Ivy League if you are in a regular high school. It is even possible to go to a community college and then transfer in to an Ivy League. I know you may not want to do this (go to a community college), but I want you to know it is possible.
    I wish you the very best with this situation,

  3. While it is good to aspire to go to the Ivy League, it is also good to recognize that you can still have a wonderful life, even a wonderful career, without this particular feather in your cap. Try to approach your life in a balanced way. Right now the sentiments you are expressing are those of what is referred to in Buddhism as a “hungry ghost”. You might find that as long as you have this attitude of deprivation, you will not be satisfied even if you manage to line all the dominoes up to achieve your dream. Appreciate your current life. It’s the only one you will ever experience; don’t let it go to waste just because it doesn’t measure up to an arbitrary yardstick of ambition.

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