Oliver Arany

Hey everyone, Welcome to my blog!

My name is Oliver Arany and I’m 16 years old, I’m from Budapest, Hungary. It’s a small country in central Europe. This is my first blog ever in my life so yeah. I really like travelling, doing sports, playing video games and of course “waisting my time” in front of my laptop.

My life is about to totally change and this is the main reason I started this blog.




16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Oliver! I found out about your blog when you Liked my film review of Apocalypse Now. Thought I’d return the favor and check out what you have to say. I look forward to finding out how California looks through your eyes!

  2. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogging Award – if you don’t know what it is (I didn’t have a clue until someone who nominated me explained) then have a look on my blog where there is a link to someone who can explain it a lot better.

  3. Best wishes as you undertake your big adventure! I love the name of your blog, and it just struck me that you don’t have to move from the other side of the world to feel alone here in the US. There are many many people that feel alone here.

  4. Hello 🙂
    We have the same reason why I started to make blogs too. Being in a new distant place and doing some write-ups about school felt so light and its kinda good, right wew!

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