Second Half

I finally arrived back to LA after an 20 hour trip from Budapest. First I had to flight to Munich and from there to LA.

After a 3 week break I’m back and I have to keep doing what I started. In my opinion this 2nd semester will pass a lot slower, since there won’t be that many new experiences. Some things will change but it won’t be that relevant.

It will be a lot of fun seeing all my friends again, going out and doing things. It will also be fun going back to school cause honestly I already started to miss it. However I’m sure after a couple weeks I’m gonna change my mind and miss the break.

I believe this semester in school will be harder because I will change some of my classes. I will also join track or golf, I haven’t decided which one yet but I’m looking forward to it. I also have some plans and goals outside the school which I’m going to keep everyone updated about.

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Happy New Year

Finally it’s 2015! This year has passed so quickly, it feels like new years eve of 2014 was not a long time ago. I remember exactly what I was doing. It’s crazy how fast time passes.

A lot of things has happened to me during this year including a total change in my life since I moved to LA. I think it was a great year, I accomplished many things and overall I’m quite proud of myself.

I have some new year resolutions too just like many people. What I would like to do in 2015 is to keep doing well in school, sports and have fun with my friends. Also since I’m going back to LA I would like to get into modelling and acting a little more because I really like doing these things and Los Angeles is like one of the best places for it.

Hopefully everyone had fun yesterday and Happy New Year!

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Christmas with My Family

My christmas celebration was really amazing. It was very different than usual because I hadn’t seen my family for 5 months. It was great seeing my grandparents, cousins and everyone.

Our lunch was different this time because my birthday was in December 2nd and since we couldn’t meet we celebrated my birthday now. I had a cake and everything. It was really good I had a great time talking with my family. They asked lots of questions about California and my school and I was happy to tell stories.

Throughout this 5 months I learned that family is the most important thing in the world. You don’t appreciate something that you have had all your life but it just seems normal. My family was not with me in California so I have a completely different view now.  I didn’t ask for any presents, all I wanted is just to be with my family and that was the best thing that I could get.


I hope everyone had a great christmas but it has just passed so quickly. It’s my favorite 2 days of the year and i’m always a little sad at the end.

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Seeing My Family After 5 Months

After 5 months I finally arrived home yesterday. When I arrived my parents were waiting for me at the airport and I didn’t really know what to say. I felt like it’s not real because I haven’t seen them for so long that I was just overwhelmed.

family reunion

It’s really strange talking to all my friends and family now because I haven’t talked to them for so long that it’s just a strange feeling. In my previous posts I said that I feel like I changed, but I realized now that I’m the same person however I’m more responsible. I can’t really decide yet if I feel like my life here just continues from where it stopped or it’s something completely different.

I haven’t met my friends yet but I’m looking really forward to it because it will be really interesting. I mean I don’t know if they have changed or I have changed. I would like to also meet my really old friends like from middle school and see what’s up with them.

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Going Home in 1 Week

Time is passing really quickly and the first semester of the school has almost already ended. It feels like I arrived not a long time ago but it was already 5 months ago.

I’ve had a lot of fun and amazing experience so far. I learned a lot of new things and acquired some great new skills. I’ve become a lot more responsible and I learned about american culture.

Exactly in 1 week i’m going back to Hungary for the holidays. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to see my family and friends. However my journey has not need yet, in fact it has just barely started.

Next week is finals, so I still have some work to do but I think it will be fine since I’ve been studying all year and my grades are already up. I’ve never had finals before in my life so I don’t know what to expect but I’m looking forward to it.

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Crazy High School Fight Story

Everyone has probably gotten into a fight at least once in their life. Apparently I realized that fights are more frequent here than I imagined. Couple weeks ago I went to a fight after school and I was shocked about what I saw.

I personally gotten into many fights throughout my elementary and middle school years but that was a long time ago. I’ve never started a fight it was always defence. But what I saw about 2 weeks ago was totally different. Now that I think back, my “fights” weren’t even real fights compared to this. I’m not against fighting by the way, I personally just don’t like to hurt people, however I will defend my self no matter what.

So while I was walking with my friends we noticed everyone was walking to the park next to our school. When I say everyone, I mean like at least 100 students. I had no idea what it was, but my friends knew it so we went to check it out.

The fight started with 2 students fighting, they actually had planned this whole thing because they really didn’t like each other.  While they were fighting things got worse and everyone was just getting in a conflict. There were several other students fighting later.

This was something new for me because I didn’t know fights like this existed. My overall opinion about his type of fighting is that it’s better to end an argument like this, than just keep going with saying things to each other. I don’t know if other people agree with me or not but what’s the point of swearing at each other? It’s just going to continue and never end.

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Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after thanksgiving when almost everything is discounted. It’s the best time to shop clothes, electronics or pretty much anything.

This is the time when everyone is trying to buy the things they want but there are people who are just shopping just because of the discount and not because they actually need things. Most of the shops open at midnight Friday but some of the shops open at 6.

Personally this was my first Black Friday ever in my life because we don’t have it in Hungary and I think it was really amazing. I had planned a trip for just Friday, what I would do and actually I’ve done it. So first around 8, I went to Westfield, Topanga mall. Some stores were already open so I was walking around and I got a few things.

Before midnight people were already in line to the stores, for example there were hundreds of people in front of the Zara store. When they finally opened the doors everything was so crazy. People were just pushing each other and throwing the clothes everywhere. They were literally fighting for that 30% off.

zara black friday sale

Zara is one of my favorite stores and actually I managed to find some pretty good deals, so I was really happy. However the line to the cashier was insanely long. Even though I waited 2 hours in the line, I think it was worth it because I got a lot of things. What was surprising is that some people were standing in the line only to get one item.

I was at the mall until 5 am and then my plan was to go to Beverly Hills. So I took 4 buses, including the subway and finally I got to Beverly Center, one of my favorite shopping places. Beverly Center has mostly luxury stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace so they didn’t have sales but I managed to good deals in other stores I like.

I got home at noon so in total my trip was 16 hours. I know it sounds crazy but actually time passed by really quick. I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would, so that’s a good thing so I might look around tomorrow too because there are some things I would like to get.

Let me know what you did on Black Friday in the comment section.

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