Foreign vs American Student’s Work Ethic

This is my 3rd week back in Los Angeles and it’s crazy how fast time is passing. I haven’t really had a lot of time to write this blog because I joined track and my whole daily schedule changed and now I don’t really have a lot of free time.

But anyways. As I came back I see things differently and I started understanding things that I had not before. I met a lot of new people, both foreign and americans, and now I got an idea how people think here.

So I was in my Honors Algebra 2 class with my Korean friend and we were talking about schools in Europe, Korea and America. We compared them but what we also did was talk about the students. We noticed that no one is doing their work in our class except us. We were already done with all the assignments and the homework as well by the way.

So he explained how most students are in Korea and what he said is that most of them are working hard and trying to achieve good grades in school. What’s interesting is that it’s kind of similar in Hungary too. Of course there are students everywhere who don’t care about school and never do their work but here in America that number of students is way too much.

What I experienced in my classes so far is that actually a very little amount of students work and try to succeed. Most of my classmates are getting bad grades and they don’t even care. It’s really interesting how school is not even that hard here but they still don’t want to do their work.

And of course there are other students too who are doing really well in school so if you are one of those don’t think I say every American is lazy. This is just something I’ve experienced. Another thing is that I’m attending a public high school at the moment (a pretty good one by the way) and next year I will be going to a private high school and things might be different there. But as of right now this is my opinion and what I’ve experienced.

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Christmas with My Family

My christmas celebration was really amazing. It was very different than usual because I hadn’t seen my family for 5 months. It was great seeing my grandparents, cousins and everyone.

Our lunch was different this time because my birthday was in December 2nd and since we couldn’t meet we celebrated my birthday now. I had a cake and everything. It was really good I had a great time talking with my family. They asked lots of questions about California and my school and I was happy to tell stories.

Throughout this 5 months I learned that family is the most important thing in the world. You don’t appreciate something that you have had all your life but it just seems normal. My family was not with me in California so I have a completely different view now.  I didn’t ask for any presents, all I wanted is just to be with my family and that was the best thing that I could get.


I hope everyone had a great christmas but it has just passed so quickly. It’s my favorite 2 days of the year and i’m always a little sad at the end.

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Going Home in 1 Week

Time is passing really quickly and the first semester of the school has almost already ended. It feels like I arrived not a long time ago but it was already 5 months ago.

I’ve had a lot of fun and amazing experience so far. I learned a lot of new things and acquired some great new skills. I’ve become a lot more responsible and I learned about american culture.

Exactly in 1 week i’m going back to Hungary for the holidays. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to see my family and friends. However my journey has not need yet, in fact it has just barely started.

Next week is finals, so I still have some work to do but I think it will be fine since I’ve been studying all year and my grades are already up. I’ve never had finals before in my life so I don’t know what to expect but I’m looking forward to it.

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Halloween Trick or Treating for First Time

Halloween is a huge celebration in America and really amazing how american people take it so seriously. A lot of houses are decorated, people are dressed up, overall it’s a great atmosphere. Since we don’t celebrate halloween in Europe, this was my first halloween in my life.

Trick or Treating is a really old tradition and I really wanted to try it, so my friend and I went to Burbank to a neighbourhood. Most of the houses were decorated and the streets looked really beautiful. There were thousands of people dressed up, walking around and going in houses to get candy. One thing that I found interesting was that actually you didn’t knock on the door because people were standing in front of the houses giving candy to everyone.

I’m really glad that I decided to go trick or treating because it’s something I had always wanted to do. If you don’t celebrate halloween in your country and you are in america on halloween, I really courage trying trick or treating because it’s really fun and an experience you will never forget.

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It Feels Like in a Movie

I’ve been living in California for almost 3 months now and it’s amazing how I still enjoy everything here. Nothing is boring and i’m still just as happy when I came here. I’m experiencing new things all the time and it really feels like being in an american movie.

As a little kid my dream was always to go to an american high school because I saw them in the tv and I loved it. People kept telling me that it’ just a movie, schools are not like this in america. But now that I actually got the chance to participate in an exchange program and move here, I realized that those movies are really based on reality. Not everything might be exactly the same but things really happen here. For instance there are amazing events like homecoming, prom, house parties and more. These things are just normal for the people here but they don’t understand that for me it was only in the movies before.

Before I came here I had never fought that living here is this much fun. It’s really like in the movies and I still can’t believe my dream came true. It really feels like being in a movie which never ends. Of course not everything is perfect but I just love this life. Hopefully things will remain similar when I go to college here.

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Homecoming Game

Yesterday was the homecoming game for Birmingham High School. We played against El Camino High School and it was an unforgettable experience. I had never been to anything like this before.

It was really amazing how we had floats, like in the movies at the parades. There were several floats for each slc and sport. I personally was on the Senior float. It was a huge car decorated and I was on top of it. We went a circle around the football field and it was great to see all the students cheering. Before the game started there were several shows. For example the dance team made a show, the cheerleaders and it was really amazing. Then of course the game started.

I was part of the spirit squad which is a group of people who’s job is to shout and cheer for our team. It was an amazing experience, supporting my team with all my friends. Usually I don’t really understand what’s going on, on football games since I don’t know the rules, but this time I knew what was happening. It was a close game and actually we were losing but at the end our team scored a touchdown, so we eventually won the game! After the victory the spirit squad hopped over the gate and we ran on the field. The security was not pleased, but we were so elated that we didn’t care.

Overall it was a great night and I think I’ll never forget it. Also we went to an after party after the game, but unfortunately it got shut down before we got there. Today is actually the homecoming dance, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been to anything like that before.

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Fire in School

I was sitting in my desk when I hear the fire alarm going off. I thought it’s just a practise cause usually they have that every year.   Well, I was wrong. When I got out of my classroom I saw smoke coming out of the boys bathroom. It was really on fire. Soon we all got sent on the football field and fire fighters arrived.

My interpretation of what happened is that some kids were smoking in the bathroom and they threw the cigarette in the trash can which put it on fire. It was a really interesting experience because I’ve never been in a situation like this ever in my life.

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