My Last Month In Los Angeles

I can’t believe time has passed so quickly. I came to LA in August and it feels like it was just couple months ago. I’had never thought this year would pass so quickly but it’s already May.

School is almost over. There is exactly 4 more weeks left. Next Saturday is going to be our prom which I’m really excited about and I’m probably going to go.

I know it’s going to be great to go back to Hungary and see my family and friends again but I’m going to be kinda sad that I have to leave Los Angeles. I had so much fun throughout this year and gained a lot of experience.

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Host Family Selected

So finally the host family was selected. Or actually to be more precise I was selected by the host family.

I got the info of the family and all I have to say is that I’m pretty happy. They seem like they are a nice family. I had been really nervous about the family before it was selected because I was hoping for an outgoing, helpful, easy going family. It’s not confirmed that they are but they seem like it so I’m quite relieved.

I checked the address of their home and I think it’s in a good location. It could be closer the the downtown and the beach, but it could be worse so i’m not going to complain. It’s not too far from my school and it’s very close to restaurants, markets…

They have a children who is 15 years old (1 year younger than me) and honestly I’m really happy about it. I don’t have a brother or sister and I wanted to experience living with another children similar to my age.

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My family said I don’t take this whole moving to america serious. I kept saying I’m going to go surfing on Venice Beach, I’m going to hang out with my friends in Malibu. But there was one thing I’ve not taken in consideration. My life.

It’s not going to be easy to give up almost everything I have and achieved and just start a new life. Here is my family and I’m going to miss them. My Dad left the country for 4 days and I already missed him. That was the point when I realized it’s going to be hard without my parents. I’m not going to see them for 4 months until I come back for the holidays.

Also there are my friends. Days are passing really really quickly and to be honest i’m having a great summer vacation. I hang out with my friends almost every day and the fact that from the middle of August I’m not going to see them anymore is scary. But true friends always stay friends so i’m not worried about losing them. Also there is Facebook, Viber and Skype so i’m sure I can keep up with them.

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No Turning Back


So today finally my Dad payed the first section of the exchange program. I feel really elated but the truth is the pressure is increasing on me because I know there is no turning back now. I feel like I’ve made a good decision and I need to do this in order to achieve my goals in life.

The next step will be the visa. I’ll get an F-1 visa and this means I can leave the country any time and go back. There is another type of visa called the J-1, but with this visa, once you leave the country you can’t go back. The J-1 visa was not good for me since I would like to spend the holidays and the vacations with my family.

I still don’t know when will the school start exactly, but somewhere around at the end of August I think.

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Exchange Program Confirmed



Today I finally received my confirmation email from Educatius that everything was ok with my application and they accepted me.

Honestly I’ve never thought that this dream would come true for me. It was a really long process choosing the city, the school, writing the test, filling out the papers and going through medical examination. Choosing the school took the most time and to be honest it was a pain in the ass, but at the end I found a school in Los Angeles, California that met my requirements.

I can’t thank my family enough for this opportunity and I feel like this is the first step achieving my goal, getting into one of the top 10 universities in America.

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