Should I Participate in an Exchange Program?

I’ve been back in Hungary for 2 weeks and I kind of had time to think through this whole year. I asked several questions from myself and one was, “Was this year worth it?” It’s a question which seems easy to answer but after doing a little deep thinking I came up with an in depth review of my year studying in California.

If you and your family are considering in applying for an exchange program but don’t know wether it’s worth it or not, well here is my opinion after completing a high school year in Los Angeles.

This year definitely changed me in many ways. The fact that I was away from my family was sometimes hard but in an exchange program it’s good, because it makes you responsible. Before I had gone to Los Angeles my parents always did everything for me. They made food for me, they drove me everywhere, and they also helped with all my problems. In LA I was living with a host family but honestly they didn’t really care about me. I was pretty much on my own and I had to learn how to be responsible. Being more responsible made me feel really proud of myself and I felt like i’m an adult, it was awesome!

Gaining responsibility was one of the most useful things however I also changed in many other ways. American, or Californian culture to be more specific is very different than in my country Hungary. Everything is more laid back, people are really nice to each other, easy going and funny. In Hungary everything is pretty much the opposite. People are rude to each other, always depressed, and they want bad for other people. I realized this when I came back. It’s really sad but it made me feel disappointed in my country. I also feel like I assimilated with the culture in California and i’m different from other people in Hungary which in my opinion is amazing because i’m able to think differently from other people.

My favorite thing from this year was the adventures. Los Angeles is such an interesting city and it seems like it’s full with surprises and adventures. Getting the full high school experience included parties as well which I had only seen in movies before. I made so many friends it’s unreal. I didn’t have a driving license so I could have a car which made me take the bus everywhere. Looking back to it, it wasn’t a bad thing because I was able to explore the city.

My host parents didn’t restrict me from going out so I felt free. It was a wonderful feeling. I could go anywhere with anyone at any time. It felt like I’m finally living life.

If you have the chance to participate in an exchange program but you don’t know if you should go, I really encourage you to go. It doesn’t matter what city or country you go to, it will be a lot of fun. Not a lot of people can allow themselves to send their children to a program like this so you should appreciate this great opportunity and take it.

I had couple friends who didn’t want to go but their parents sent them. They actually ended up leaving the program in couple months. If this is the case with you my advice is be open for new things and view this as a gift. It’s an opportunity in your life that you will never have again.

If you have any other questions about my experience you can leave a comment and I will be happy to answer. Also if you want me to write a blog post about a specific topic I will be happy to do that as well.

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Pissing Off My Councelor

Since the second semester started I’ve been visiting my councelor every days at least once, sometimes several times. For me it’s really important to take the proper classes so next year I can take ap classes and graduate with a really outstanding score.

When I came to the school I couldn’t choose my classes and I was just given the basic classes. Throughout the first semester I learned about ap and honors classes and how the credit system works. To get into Princeton, Yale, Stanford (where I wanna go) you need a really high gpa possibly with ap and honors classes.

Since didn’t get any this year I have to take several ap and honors classes next year so I can get into a good university. But taking these classes is not easy especially not in a private high school. So my plan was to take government, economics and health (12th grade classes) this year, so next year it will be a little easier.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get into any of these classes but my councillor said it’s possible to take these online since all 3 of these classes are only 1 semester long. My online classes hopefully start next week so I can finally finish my plan.

I’m a really stubborn person and if I want something I will work on it until I get it no matter what. I’ve been seeing my councelor way many times and I think she is already pissed off because of all the extra work caused by me. But this is a really serious thing and I hope she realizes how important it is to me.

But now I feel like my classes are perfect, I changed my algebra 2 class to Honors Algebra 2 and I also changed my History teacher. If I complete the 3 online classes I planned this year then next year I will be able to take 3 classes of my choice, 2 english classes and 1 spanish class.

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Crazy High School Fight Story

Everyone has probably gotten into a fight at least once in their life. Apparently I realized that fights are more frequent here than I imagined. Couple weeks ago I went to a fight after school and I was shocked about what I saw.

I personally gotten into many fights throughout my elementary and middle school years but that was a long time ago. I’ve never started a fight it was always defence. But what I saw about 2 weeks ago was totally different. Now that I think back, my “fights” weren’t even real fights compared to this. I’m not against fighting by the way, I personally just don’t like to hurt people, however I will defend my self no matter what.

So while I was walking with my friends we noticed everyone was walking to the park next to our school. When I say everyone, I mean like at least 100 students. I had no idea what it was, but my friends knew it so we went to check it out.

The fight started with 2 students fighting, they actually had planned this whole thing because they really didn’t like each other.  While they were fighting things got worse and everyone was just getting in a conflict. There were several other students fighting later.

This was something new for me because I didn’t know fights like this existed. My overall opinion about his type of fighting is that it’s better to end an argument like this, than just keep going with saying things to each other. I don’t know if other people agree with me or not but what’s the point of swearing at each other? It’s just going to continue and never end.

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Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after thanksgiving when almost everything is discounted. It’s the best time to shop clothes, electronics or pretty much anything.

This is the time when everyone is trying to buy the things they want but there are people who are just shopping just because of the discount and not because they actually need things. Most of the shops open at midnight Friday but some of the shops open at 6.

Personally this was my first Black Friday ever in my life because we don’t have it in Hungary and I think it was really amazing. I had planned a trip for just Friday, what I would do and actually I’ve done it. So first around 8, I went to Westfield, Topanga mall. Some stores were already open so I was walking around and I got a few things.

Before midnight people were already in line to the stores, for example there were hundreds of people in front of the Zara store. When they finally opened the doors everything was so crazy. People were just pushing each other and throwing the clothes everywhere. They were literally fighting for that 30% off.

zara black friday sale

Zara is one of my favorite stores and actually I managed to find some pretty good deals, so I was really happy. However the line to the cashier was insanely long. Even though I waited 2 hours in the line, I think it was worth it because I got a lot of things. What was surprising is that some people were standing in the line only to get one item.

I was at the mall until 5 am and then my plan was to go to Beverly Hills. So I took 4 buses, including the subway and finally I got to Beverly Center, one of my favorite shopping places. Beverly Center has mostly luxury stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace so they didn’t have sales but I managed to good deals in other stores I like.

I got home at noon so in total my trip was 16 hours. I know it sounds crazy but actually time passed by really quick. I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would, so that’s a good thing so I might look around tomorrow too because there are some things I would like to get.

Let me know what you did on Black Friday in the comment section.

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Homecoming Game

Yesterday was the homecoming game for Birmingham High School. We played against El Camino High School and it was an unforgettable experience. I had never been to anything like this before.

It was really amazing how we had floats, like in the movies at the parades. There were several floats for each slc and sport. I personally was on the Senior float. It was a huge car decorated and I was on top of it. We went a circle around the football field and it was great to see all the students cheering. Before the game started there were several shows. For example the dance team made a show, the cheerleaders and it was really amazing. Then of course the game started.

I was part of the spirit squad which is a group of people who’s job is to shout and cheer for our team. It was an amazing experience, supporting my team with all my friends. Usually I don’t really understand what’s going on, on football games since I don’t know the rules, but this time I knew what was happening. It was a close game and actually we were losing but at the end our team scored a touchdown, so we eventually won the game! After the victory the spirit squad hopped over the gate and we ran on the field. The security was not pleased, but we were so elated that we didn’t care.

Overall it was a great night and I think I’ll never forget it. Also we went to an after party after the game, but unfortunately it got shut down before we got there. Today is actually the homecoming dance, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been to anything like that before.

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Fire in School

I was sitting in my desk when I hear the fire alarm going off. I thought it’s just a practise cause usually they have that every year.   Well, I was wrong. When I got out of my classroom I saw smoke coming out of the boys bathroom. It was really on fire. Soon we all got sent on the football field and fire fighters arrived.

My interpretation of what happened is that some kids were smoking in the bathroom and they threw the cigarette in the trash can which put it on fire. It was a really interesting experience because I’ve never been in a situation like this ever in my life.

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My First Test

This week I had my first History test, actually like a small test. It was supposed to be on Monday but it got canceled because of a tragic event that has shocked the whole school.

Well honestly I got lucky that it was canceled because I had no idea we are writing a test. For some reason I never know if we have to do something for history class because the teacher never tells us and the other students just ask me “hey, have you done the homework?” and I don’t even know what they are talking about. I always pay attention to the lesson, so it doesn’t make any sense.

So I was so happy I had another day to study and it was a long chapter which was hard as well. So Tuesday when we got the test I was really nervous just like whenever I write a test cause I always want to get the best grade possible. I thought this time i’m going to get a bad grade due to the complicity of this chapter.


When I received my paper I started laughing cause it was hilarious how easy it was. I finished it in 30 seconds because in Hungary, tests are completely different. I’m used to really hard and long tests. So I thought the test went pretty well except there were 2 questions I was not sure about.

I got the results today and it turned out I got 2 mistakes and I only received a “B”. I was really disappointed. But then there was a class work yesterday where I got 100% so my average is an “A” in History. I’m going to try my best in school and get the best grades possible but it’s really hard because I’m very busy all the time.

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