Second Half

I finally arrived back to LA after an 20 hour trip from Budapest. First I had to flight to Munich and from there to LA.

After a 3 week break I’m back and I have to keep doing what I started. In my opinion this 2nd semester will pass a lot slower, since there won’t be that many new experiences. Some things will change but it won’t be that relevant.

It will be a lot of fun seeing all my friends again, going out and doing things. It will also be fun going back to school cause honestly I already started to miss it. However I’m sure after a couple weeks I’m gonna change my mind and miss the break.

I believe this semester in school will be harder because I will change some of my classes. I will also join track or golf, I haven’t decided which one yet but I’m looking forward to it. I also have some plans and goals outside the school which I’m going to keep everyone updated about.

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I Can’t Graduate This Year

So as I mentioned a few times the reason I came to america is to graduate in high school here and then go to university. High schools are based on a credit system where you get credit for each class you take. You need 240 credits in total to graduate but you need to get certain amount of credits in each subject.

Now the problem is in Hungary we don’t use this system. We take every subject for 4 years and at the end we take a huge test and basically that’s it. I prefer the American way because it makes a lot more sense. So I don’t have enough credits because of the system.


This is my 3rd year in High School but i’m in 12th grade because every exchange student gets in there  because of the extra privileges and the activities that only the seniors are allowed to do. I thought I could graduate this year and that would’ve been really amazing since then I could’ve skipped a year and go to university earlier.

But what I have to do is finish this year in this school, and then next year I’ll have to transfer to a private high school because you can only stay 1 year in a public one. I’m kinda disappointed but at the same time I feel it’s not a disadvantage since i’m not losing any years i’m going to finish just like everyone else. Maybe it’s even better because I don’t know if I would be ready to go to university  at the age of 17.


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My First Test

This week I had my first History test, actually like a small test. It was supposed to be on Monday but it got canceled because of a tragic event that has shocked the whole school.

Well honestly I got lucky that it was canceled because I had no idea we are writing a test. For some reason I never know if we have to do something for history class because the teacher never tells us and the other students just ask me “hey, have you done the homework?” and I don’t even know what they are talking about. I always pay attention to the lesson, so it doesn’t make any sense.

So I was so happy I had another day to study and it was a long chapter which was hard as well. So Tuesday when we got the test I was really nervous just like whenever I write a test cause I always want to get the best grade possible. I thought this time i’m going to get a bad grade due to the complicity of this chapter.


When I received my paper I started laughing cause it was hilarious how easy it was. I finished it in 30 seconds because in Hungary, tests are completely different. I’m used to really hard and long tests. So I thought the test went pretty well except there were 2 questions I was not sure about.

I got the results today and it turned out I got 2 mistakes and I only received a “B”. I was really disappointed. But then there was a class work yesterday where I got 100% so my average is an “A” in History. I’m going to try my best in school and get the best grades possible but it’s really hard because I’m very busy all the time.

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I’m Going to Have a Roommate

I wrote and email to the family like 4 days ago and they still haven’t replied. I hope they have internet connection in their home otherwise I can’t talk to my family and friends and that would be really sad.

Anyways, I got some great news and I am really cheerful. It turned out I’m not going to be the only exchange student in the house, because there will be another kid and he will be my roommate. At first I was very nervous about this since they said I’m going to have a separate room. It’s definitely going to be a new experience for me since I’ve never had a roommate and I’m a only child. But now  I realised everything will be so much easier because we are going to be going through the same things.

Having a roommate could be the worst thing, but also it could be the best thing ever. If we share similar interests then it will probably be the best. I contacted him and he is from Finland. He looks like a cool, easy going guy to me and I hope we will be great friends. Also he will be attending the same school as me (Birmingham Community Charter HS) and if he would be my classmate it would be unbelievable, but of course there is a little chance because the school is huge.

I don’t have my visa yet but on Friday my family and I are going in the american embassy. Hopefully I will get my visa early next week. Honestly I can’t wait for this program to start, I’m so excited.

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No Turning Back


So today finally my Dad payed the first section of the exchange program. I feel really elated but the truth is the pressure is increasing on me because I know there is no turning back now. I feel like I’ve made a good decision and I need to do this in order to achieve my goals in life.

The next step will be the visa. I’ll get an F-1 visa and this means I can leave the country any time and go back. There is another type of visa called the J-1, but with this visa, once you leave the country you can’t go back. The J-1 visa was not good for me since I would like to spend the holidays and the vacations with my family.

I still don’t know when will the school start exactly, but somewhere around at the end of August I think.

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